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Arches (www.archesproject.org) is a robust web-based inventory platform designed specifically for cultural heritage resources. Sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund, Arches is open source software developed by Farallon Geographics. Legion GIS has been fortunate to work closely with all of these organizations to support the Arches user forum, co-present at conferences in the US and abroad, and participate in further development of the software. We've gained extensive experience with the platform, and in dealing with organizations who are interested in using it. From initial design, in-depth custom component integration, existing data migration, and even server hosting, we can help you every step of the way.

Arches v3 app examples

Below are three examples of Arches v3 apps with which we are very familiar; created two of them, and the final is the default Arches-HIP configuration. Check out the demo section below to get behind-the-scenes access to cloned "sandbox" versions of these apps.


We worked together with PRESERVE/scapes to create this Arches v3 app for the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC. We incorporated many historic maps (read about that here), created a multi-faceted permissions system, and reworked the database system to assist with site management and development project planning. visit the repo

Cane River Historic Inventory & Map

Our first work with Arches was to create this app for the Cane River National Heritage Area, in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. We created many new map layers (from Sanborn Maps© to high resolution elevation reliefs) to enhance the map view, and migrated many existing datasets to the new installation, including an entire historic cemetery. visit the repo


This is a basic installation of the Arches Heritage Inventory Package, the default Arches v3 app. Arches-HIP was developed by Farallon Geographics in conjunction with the creation of HistoricPlacesLA the first large-scale Arches v3 implementation. visit the repo

demo installations

We also host a few demonstration Arches applications, so you can try it out for yourself. Once logged in, you can create new resources, and access the RDM (controlled vocabulary editor).

AFRH-IRIS demonstration site (www.arches3.legiongis.com/afrh-demo)
We've set this site up to demonstrate the app we created with PRESERVE/scapes for the AFRH. To log in, use any of the following terms for both username and password: admin1, admin2, afrh_staff, afrh_volunteer, or development. Each term corresponds to different permissions levels, so you will find that certain actions are hidden or exposed depending on which group you have used to login. To experience full access, use the admin1 account.
Arches-HIP basic installation (www.arches3.legiongis.com/hip)
This demo exists as a quick reference for what a blank installation of the default Arches-HIP app looks like. Log in using guest for both username and password to get full access to the system. For a much more interesting version of Arches-HIP, check out the Getty Conservation Institute's official Arches v3 Demo, which includes some very rich sample datasets.

Even though Arches is open source software (free to use), it still needs to be hosted on a server somewhere, so it is accessible through the internet. We use Amazon Web Services for all of our web hosting. This is a reliable and cost effective service that lends itself perfectly to the architecture of the Arches platform. Please get in touch with us to discuss prices for hosting your Arches installation.

v3 utilities

During Arches v3 development, our staff has created some shortcuts here and there that we are happy to share. Feel free to download or contribute.

  • arc2arches ArcGIS toolbox is designed to convert shapefiles or file geodatabase feature classes into the native Arches upload format.
  • arches3_utils is a little set of python scripts to aid in the creation of auxiliary resource-graph related files (authority documents, etc.).